Garrett Morgan dies at the age of 96

July 27

On July 27, 1963 Garrett Morgan died in Cleveland Ohio at the age of 86. 

Garrett Morgan’s legacy includes patenting an improved sewing machine, a hair strengthening product, a breathing mask and a traffic signal. He was also the first black man in Cleveland, Ohio to own a car. 

Morgan grew up in Paris, Kentucky as a mixed child to Indian and African American parents. At an early age, having only an elementary school education, Morgan left for Ohio in search of work. After finding employment as a handyman, Morgan saved up enough to pay for private tutoring lessons. With a better education, Morgan again looked for work at places with better wages and opportunities. He was most drawn to sewing machine factories, and eventually grew to love the machine and the art of sewing. His years of experience with the sewing machine led him to obtain a patent for a more improved one. With the success of his patent and the opportunities that came after, Morgan opened a tailoring shop. Morgan’s tailoring shop was a stepping stone to his success, granting him the resources and finances to continue with his inventions.

Today, Morgan is honored for the contributions and advancements he made to science and technology.


Black Inventor Garrett Morgan Saved Countless Lives with Gas Mask and Improved Traffic Lights

Meet Garrett Morgan, the inventor of the gas mask and the modern traffic light

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