Juneteenth Business Expo

To celebrate Juneteenth, The Black.Blog will host an annual Juneteenth Business Expo. The expo aims to highlight and support black small businesses and black small business owners across the U.S.

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The expo will open annually on the Juneteenth holiday weekend, allowing customers to browse and purchase products and/or services from vendors. All products and/or services will be available for $18.65. This is a great opportunity to support black small businesses and celebrate Juneteenth.

It’s no cost for businesses or customers to participate, but if you want to contribute all proceeds will be used to fund the Black Business Scholarship.

How can you participate?

2023 Juneteenth Business Expo

The Vendor Inquiry Form for the 2023 Juneteenth Business Expo is now available.

Expo Disclaimer

TheBlack.Blog and HeavieTalk Media do not endorse any products, services, or businesses advertised; and are not liable for any products or services purchased. All fraudulent chargebacks will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law in addition to seeing full criminal charges. All claims and disputes arising under or relating to this agreement are to be settled by binding arbitration. In the event that a party fails to pay any award, the award may be converted to judgment in a court of competent jurisdiction.

All sales are final.

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