Fred Hampton is born

August 30

On August 30, 1948, Civil rights activist and Black Panther Fred Hampton was born.

Popular and influential blank panther Fred Hampton was born in Argo, Illinois. Early on in his life, Hampton developed a love for activism and community organizing. During his high school years, he spent his time organizing and advocating on behalf of black teens in Maywood, Illinois. Over time, Hampton’s organizing efforts caught the attention of notable civil rights leaders including Martin Luther King  Jr. and Don Williams, the head of the West Suburban chapter of the NAACP. Throughout the 1960’s Hampton continued with his mission, eventually being appointed as the chairman of the Black Panther’s Party’s Illinois Chapter.

After years of activism and service, eventually Hampton caught the attention of law enforcement agencies including the FBI. Shortly thereafter, Fred Hampton was killed in a police raid on December 4, 1969.


The Raid that Killed Blank Panther Fred Hampton

Fred Hampton

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