Hank Aaron hit his 500th homer

July 14

On July 14, 1968 Hank Aaron hit his 500th career home run against the San Francisco Giants.

Aaron excelled in competitive baseball as a teenager and that continued throughout his career. He joined the Negro League in 1952 where he led his team to a Negro League World Series. Not too long after debuting in the Negro League, Aaron took his talents to the majors. In 1954, Aaron made his debut in the major leagues, becoming the last former Negro League player to debut and play in the majors. Throughout his professional baseball career, Aaron faced a lot of adversity and racial discrimination, but that didn’t stop him from consistently making history and achieving greatness. With his 715th home run against the Dodgers in 1974, Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s long-standing record.

Aaron retired from competitive baseball in 1976 with 755 career home runs. The countless accomplishments and contributions he made to the sport earned him an induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1982. Hank Aaron died on January 22, 2021 at the age of 86.


Henry Aaron hits home run no. 715

Hank Aaron hits 500th homer

Baseball legend Hank Aaron dies at 86

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