Interview Series Schedule


All interviews premiered on Mondays at 5pm CST in August.

Roxanne Iniece – August 1

Roxanne Iniece helps entrepreneurs build profitable and sustainable businesses.

Created by Ky – August 8

Created by Ky aims to provide quality wigs and extensions to their customers.

SmartGuyApparel – August 15

SmartGuyApparel is a brand that promotes knowledge, power, and love through clothing.

Bene Beauty by Bri – August 22

Bene Beauty by Bri provides handmade skin,  body care, and beauty products to help people correct skin issues and maintain skin health naturally.

Eradicate Recidivism Project – August 29

Eradicate Recidivism Project (ERP) provides information, support, and advocacy against recidivism.

Series Bonus Interviews

All series bonus interviews premiered on Fridays at 5pm CST in August.

Stated ( & nem), LLC – August 5

Stated (& nem), LLC is an attitude, affirmation, and community centered organization.

43North77West- August 26

43North77West is an innovative multi-media design studio known for its out-of-the-box thinking that helps businesses succeed.

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