Interview Series Schedule

The schedule is subject to change with new additions to the Series Bonus.

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All interviews will premiere on Mondays at 5pm CST in August.

Roxanne Iniece – August 1

Roxanne Iniece helps entrepreneurs build profitable and sustainable businesses.

Created by Ky – August 8

Created by Ky aims to provide quality wigs and extensions to their customers.

SmartGuyApparel – August 15

SmartGuyApparel is a brand that promotes knowledge, power, and love through clothing.

Coming soon.

Bene Beauty by Bri – August 22

Bene Beauty by Bri provides handmade skin,  body care, and beauty products to help people correct skin issues and maintain skin health naturally.

Coming soon.

Eradicate Recidivism Project – August 29

Eradicate Recidivism Project (ERP) provides information, support, and advocacy against recidivism.

Coming soon.

Series Bonus Interviews

All series bonus interviews will premiere on Fridays at 5pm CST in August.

Stated ( & nem), LLC – August 5

Stated (& nem), LLC is an attitude, affirmation, and community centered organization.

43North77West- August 26

43North77West is an innovative multi-media design studio known for its out-of-the-box thinking that helps businesses succeed.

Coming soon.

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