James Cameron | Lynching Survivor, Founder of America’s Black Holocaust Museum

James Cameron went on to found NAACP chapters in Madison, Wisconsin, Munchie and South Bend, Indiana.  In 1998, Cameron founded America’s Black Holocaust Museum to showcase the history of lynching.

Deval Patrick | First Black Governor of Massachusetts

On July 31st, 1956, Deval Laurdine Patrick was born in Chicago, Illinois.
Deval Patrick was elected the first black governor of Massachusetts in 2006. He’s only the second black governor in U.S history.

Laurence Fishburne | Famous Actor, Director, Executive Producer

Laurence John Fishburne III was born on July 30, 1961 in Augusta, Georgia. He is a famous actor, director, executive producer and writer. 

Haben Girma | Disability Rights Lawyer, Advocate | First Deafblind Person To Graduate From Harvard Law School

July 29th  Haben Girma was born on July 29th, 1988 in the San Francisco area. She is the first Deafblind person to graduate from Harvard Law School.  Academics Haben Girma accelerated in her studies early on using braille. Lewis and Clark In 2010, Haben Girma graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from Lewis andContinue reading “Haben Girma | Disability Rights Lawyer, Advocate | First Deafblind Person To Graduate From Harvard Law School”

Fourteenth Amendment

The Fourteenth Amendment, which granted citizenship and equal rights to African Americans took effect on July 28th, 1868.  Although the Fourteenth Amendment was sent to Congress for ratification on June 16, 1866 it was not officially enforced until July 28th, 1868.

Today in History | Garrett Morgan died | First Black Man to Own A Car in Cleveland, Ohio | Famous Inventor

Did you know? Garrett Morgan was an inventor, who patented an improved sewing machine, a hair strengthening product, a breathing mask and a traffic signal. He was also the first black man in Cleveland, Ohio to own a car. 

Today in History | July 23 | Detroit Riot of 1967

July 23rd  The Detroit riot of 1967 started between African Americans and the Detroit Police Department.  The riot started on July 23, 1967 and lasted five days. It is marked as the turning point for the black power movement. What Happened? The riot started when police raided an illegal drinking club and arrested hundreds, the majorityContinue reading “Today in History | July 23 | Detroit Riot of 1967”