Juneteenth Business Expo

To celebrate Juneteenth, The Black.Blog will be hosting a Juneteenth Business Expo. The purpose of the virtual business expo is to highlight and support black small businesses and black small business owners across the U.S.

What is Juneteenth?

The shop will open from June 17- 19, allowing customers to browse and purchase products and/or services from vendors. All products and/or services will be available for $18.65. This is a great opportunity to support black small businesses and celebrate Juneteenth.

It’s no cost for businesses or customers to participate, but if you want to contribute all proceeds will be used to fund a scholarship for black businesses.

Vendor Guidelines

All vendors will be required to offer one product for $18.65. This product will be featured on the “Juneteenth” landing page.

Vendors will be responsible for packaging, shipping, and handling all orders received as a result of the event.

HeavieTalk Media and TheBlack.Blog will be responsible for marketing (ads), and creating the landing page. Overall getting the people there, to purchase and support.

All proceeds collected as a result of the event will be given directly to each vendor/business owner.

Why should you participate?

  • Free promo
  • Access to a bigger audience
  • An opportunity to celebrate Juneteenth
  • A chance to network with other black business owners
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