Stokely Carmichael dies at the age of 57

November 15

On November 15, 1998, Stokely Carmichael died at the age of 57. 

Stokely Carmichael was an influential civil rights activist and leader during the mid 1900’s. 

Carmichael’s activism started early on in his life, which led him to join CORE (Congress of Racial Equity). While with CORE, Carmichael attended several sit-ins across several states. In 1960, he attended Howard University where he developed a deeper passion for black power and activism.  His activism continued well after he graduated from Howard in 1964. He went on to work with influential leaders like Martin Luther King and even participated in the Pan-African movement.

Towards the end of his life, Carmichael moved to Guinea to continue his activism. Guinea would be his final resting place as he died in 1998 at the age of 57


Stokely Carmichael

Stokely Carmichael

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