Enolia McMillan is born. 

October 20

On October 20, 1904, Enolia McMillan was born

Enolia McMillan was an influential educator and civil rights leader during the 1900’s. Early on in her life, McMillan developed a passion for education after she saw first hand the inadequacies in public education systems. Her accomplishments include being the first female president of the NAACP and the first female chair of the Board of Regents at Morgan State University. She also served as President of the Maryland State Colored Teachers Association

McMillan gained higher education from Howard University and Columbia University before she started her career of public service and advocacy. McMillan started her career working for Baltimore Public Schools, where she honed in on her passions of education and literacy.  In 1968 she finally retired to begin a career of activism. In 1969, McMillan became president of the Baltimore chapter of the NAACP. 

McMcMillan died in 2006 at the age of 102. 


Enolia McMillan

Remembering Baltimore Civil Rights Icon

Enolia Pettigen McMillan

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