Today in History | July 21 | The First Black Daily Newspaper The New Orleans Tribune

July 21

The New Orleans Tribune, the first black daily newspaper, was published on July 21, 1864. Created by Charles Louise Roudanez.

Background on the New Orleans Tribune

The Tribune published articles in both English and French to reach not only the citizens of New Orleans but also lawmakers and influential people in other cities. Paul Trevigne and Jean Charles Houzeau were the main contributors and editors, making the bilingual newspaper a standout.

The Cause

The Tribune touched on key issues that affected black people and communities, by advocating for causes like civil rights, public education, and fair wages. The Tribune maintained during important periods in African American history including the Civil War and Reconstruction Era.

The Impact

Not only after its creation, the New Orleans Tribune became one of the most influential newspapers in large part because of its popularity and credibility. Articles published during the newspaper’s 6 year tenure, circulated to other newspapers in the U.S. and made it onto the floor of the Senate and House of Representatives


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