HeavieTalk is a person.

HeavieTalk is a brand. Peace, positivity and truth with (tools or) fuel to live freely is the mission.

HeavieTalk is a safe platform. Blog posts and podcasts curated by me to empower you to challenge status quo.

Whenever I envisioned my future, having my own platform to be creative, as well as a safe space to be vulnerable about the up and down, 20 round battle called life, was always in my sights. I have made those visions my reality. HeavieTalk, is my safe space and platform, to share my creativity and to grow. My goal with HeavieTalk is not only to share my experiences with hopes that it may be a guide and helpful resources for others, but I also want to be informative.I want to continue conversations, and also start new ones about issues that many won’t touch. That’s what HeavieTalk will serve up.

Time to break it down….

The Million Dollar Question:

What is HeavieTalk?

HeavieTalk is a brand.

Using the tools I have such as:

this blog & HeavieTalk-Podcast I intend to make a difference. My way of making of difference is advocating for social change by using my voice and power. I wanted to create HeavieTalk because I am not a social media antagonist.. . Social media antagonists to me, are people who sit on social media all day critiquing everything that’s wrong in the world, but do nothing to make a difference once they close the app. Social media has become a place for memes, TikTok’s, the Trump Administration Press Room and other nonsense. When serious situations and events do occur, social media has found a way to turn everything into a joke or meme. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just not the platform for me to share my creativity and thoughts. Leading to the creation of HeavieTalk.

What does HeavieTalk mean?

Definition 1: Heavy or Heavie Talk meaning heavy or deep talks.

We will discuss some serious, maybe uncomfortable topics.Nothing too deep like who killed JFK, but social topics like:

The Portrayal of Black People in the Media & How it In Relates to Stereotypes and Social Perceptions.

I firmly believe that the way (us) black people are portrayed in the media and on TV, is directly related to the stereotypes and marginalization of our community . In the media, on a broad level, we are portrayed as loud, unintelligent criminal aggressors. Black women are portrayed as loud, angry, bitter & poor. While Black men are portrayed as aggressive criminals, they are more likely to be shown as perpetrators of crimes, than victims. I recently read an article which said “Newsworthiness is not the product of how representative the novel or crime is, but rather how well it can be ‘scripted using stereotypes grounded in racism and fear of African American’ crime.”

Unpopular Opinion: I usually offend people with this take but that’s HeavieTalk.. Why do we celebrate people like Tyler Perry who perpetuate the image of absent black fathers and angry black mothers in his films? All that he has accomplished and set in motion for other black creators and members of the community is remarkable, but at what cost? Why do we subscribe to outlets like TMZ & the Shaderoom who capitalize off of exposing and ridiculing the tribulations & personal baggage of famous people in our community? That’s some HeavieTalk for you. I hope you are still reading after that one.

Definition 2: HeavieTalk means it’s from Heavie, me.

One of my personality traits is my blunt, outspokenness. I don’t beat around the bush, I get right to it. I stand 10 toes on what I say, even when it’s an unpopular or controversial take. For example, you can expect a topic like:

When Did Sexually Graphic Material Become Acceptable For TV?

Back in my day, the only sexually graphic scenes were on HBO or BET late night at 2am. There might have been other slightly intimate scenes but nothing too obscene. Even prior to my time, for bedtime scenes, married couples did not sleep in the bed together. They slept in twin beds side by side. Back then, those scenes were seen as too explicit for TV. We live in a world today, where family networks like ABC, have shows like Scandal with scenes like the President having sex in the oval. Giving Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky a run for their money. My 2 Cents is that the world has become too sexualized. The norm during my early, early adolescent years was, that you had to press somebody to receive a thirst trap, as us millennials call it. We were so concerned about privacy and being exposed, that traps were only sent on Snapchat because they delete after a couple seconds. Today, if you open your newsfeed right now, there’s a 75% chance you’ll see someone’s V-Line or more. Everyone once shamed the way Kim Kardashian-West embraced her nudity, now it’s the wave. Still there? I warned you, it’s Straight Talk with No Chaser.

What does Straight Talk | No Chaser mean?

The slogan is an alcohol reference or word play. With alcohol, there are some people who drink liquor straight because they want the full effect, while others mix or chase it with something to diminish the potency of it. It just depends on personal preference or alcohol tolerance. My content will be Straight Talk With No Chaser. Everything I say and dish out will be unfiltered, true and real. I won’t cap as us millennials say.

Now that we’ve broken HeavieTalk ALL the way down.

Who is the brain behind it all?

For more Straight Talk With No Chaser..

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One thought on “WHAT IS HEAVIE TALK?

  1. I respect the way you carry yourself and your insights. I also agree that the world today more sexualized than ever and this can create a negative emotional impact for young people today. It takes away from life itself, puts other people on the pedestal, and perpetuates body dysmorphia.


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